Slothly Saturday

Ahh, Saturday.  Working at the bank does not have many drawbacks, but working every other Saturday is one of them. This would normally have been my weekend to work, but thanks to the shoulder surgery I had last Friday, I am off for the next few Saturdays.

Since we didn’t go to bed until 3am, I figured Jimbo would reneg on his promise to take me out for breakfast this morning. Imagine my surprise when he woke me up at 9am, ready for yummies. I don’t usually eat breakfast, although I love breakfast foods. I just prefer to eat them at other times of day. Unless it’s the weekend. I know, weird.

After having a morning cocktail to whet my appetite, we went across the street to Sunrise Cafe. Delightful little place, they used to only be open for breakfast/lunch. Recently, they started re-opening in the evenings for dinner service. I know that you don’t really care, but it’s news here, so whatever. I ordered my usual Lorraine omelet with extra bacon and a side of Challah bread toast, and it was it’s usual delicious beacon of breakfast glory.

The best part of the morning was that I unwittingly managed to have the hostess seat us next to a Saturday morning Old Jewish Lady convention. Oh, those birds had me cracking up! I wanted to join their table, they were so funny. Seeing the group, listening to them tell stories, watching their interactions…it made me regret that I don’t have more friends. I’m afraid that if I don’t cultivate more friendships now, while I’m youngish, then I’m going to end up being a crusty old hermit lady when I get old. You know, the ladies you see shopping at Aldi by themselves, wearing an old men’s raincoat and a hideous paisley scarf on their hair, pushing the cart all hunched over while mumbling to themselves about saltine crackers and cat litter…

Okay, gotta shake off that scary thought, lol.

The rest of this day has been pretty lazy. Slothy, if you will. I’ve spent most of it on the couch, with my fancy-schmancy cryo-therapy wrap and the internet. I did make a pot of veggie beef soup, but not from scratch this time. I used a mix, *gasp*

Please don’t tell my grandma.


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