WordPress help

Hey, WP users, I just need a quick bit of help. I’ve added links to my blogroll, but I don’t know how to get them to show up on my actual blog for other people to see. What am I doing wrong?


ETA: 2 minutes later, I figured it out…this is where you learn that I get all twitchy when I can’t immediately solve a problem, ask for help, then solve the problem on my own.


One response to “WordPress help

  1. I’m the same way! I started off with Blogger, which is super simple. WP is a bit more intricate and it took *effort* to figure shit out! I’d immediately put it up on twitter, “How do I xxxx?” Slappy, Jleigh & Urban cowgirl were hugely helpful. And they never mocked me once! 🙂

    K. Off to read your bliggety blog!

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