We went out last night to see a friend’s band play, and also to celebrate said friend’s 46th birthday. It was a bit of a reunion, because several people from TWA showed up to see Tim (birthday band boy). We don’t see our TWA friends very often, since we all got laid off in 2003.

Anyway…we were at this “sports bar” called Parrots. If I owned that place, it would not be a sports bar. It would have some sort of island theme. It’s all wood and exposed beams, and I could totally see it as a Joe’s Crab Shack sort of place.  Another thing that would be different about it if I owned it? I would keep my kitchen open past 9:30pm. If you’re going to be open until 2am, and you’re going to book live music that doesn’t even start until 9pm, keep the kitchen open until, say, midnight. Drunk people want to eat fried brown foods.

Getting back to the point, and the reason behind the title of this post…I felt very old last night. There was another group there celebrating a birthday. A 21st birthday for a cute little blonde princess type. There were tiaras and sashes and glitter and really short, tight dresses. There was a lot of very loud conversation, a lot of gleeful squealing, a lot of shenanigans. And I was extremely annoyed by all of it.

I sat there and watched this group of young adults acting like complete idiots, and like I said before, I was annoyed by them. I didn’t get why they were acting so foolish. And then I thought back to when I was that age. And really, it wasn’t that long ago. I’m 34, but I feel like a dinosaur. Looking back to my own early 20’s, I didn’t act like that. I was working at the airport, for TWA. I had a really good job. I worked the twilight shift, from 2:30pm-11pm. When we got off at 11, we would all go out for a few drinks, but we didn’t get stupid and loud and obnoxious. A lot of the people I was out with were in their 30’s and 40’s, not my own age. We went to bars that catered to us airline folks. We would shoot pool, throw darts, play video golf, drink beer, and eat pizzas. So maybe I just never acted like a fool because I never hung out with people my own age. I’m certain that several of my friends from high school and college went out and acted like idiots, but that just has never been my style.

I almost feel like I might be an actual **gasp** grown up person.



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