I wish it would rain…

…because I am so over this gawd-awful weather. Every day this week, the thermometer in my car has read at least 105F. And I park in the shade. A nice cold front with a thunderstorm or two would be most appreciated.

In other news, I found a lump on my boy cat, Sir Dudley von Doodle, Margreave of Bugville. AKA Doodlebug. I also call him Bubba, in a veiled movie reference (a special prize to the first person to guess the movie). He is a Turkish Van, extra handsome, extra sweet. I was snuggling with him the other day, and I noticed that he has a lump on his side, near the bottom of his ribcage. Not huge, but definitely a lump. For a moment, I thought perhaps it was just a little mat of hair (because he get’s those, you know. He’s a hairy boy)…but it’s not. It’s definitely tender, because Doodle got real mouthy when I started checking it out, and then he bit me a little bit and left the room in a huff. My friend, who is a vet tech, said it’s probably just a fatty tumor, but I know I still should take him in and get it checked out.

However, taking the Margreave on a trip to the vet is not for the faint of heart. He gets extremely pissed off at the sight of the carrier and tries to hide. Unfortunately for him, while he’s a hairy boy, he’s also a huge boy. Twenty pounds of feline is hard to hide. And he’s strong, and he’s squirmy. It’s like trying to pack a 20lb sack of honey badgers into a plastic and wire cage. I am not looking forward to that fun-filled afternoon.

Anyway, yeah. I’m a little worried about my buddy. Bubba is my best good friend, and I would be so upset if this lump on him turns out to be something other than just a fatty tumor. So let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed, shall we?!


4 responses to “I wish it would rain…

  1. I’ll send you some rain!
    We’ve been getting afternoon rain every day – kind of like we live in a tropical paradise, except………we don’t.

    Love to your kitty! There’s nothing worse than a sick pet 😦

  2. I feel your pain with crating a cat. My guy is super quick. I hope you can get him to the vet soon and that it’s nothing serious. Poor guy.

  3. Sad face for the lump on your kitty. My big boy, Jake (dog, not cat), has a couple of soft lumps on him also. Right in about the same place you describe. It’s fatty tissue. Hopefully Bubba’s turns out to be the same.

    And yes! Good god, let it RAIN!!!!!

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