Printer madness!

You guys, this has been the week from hell for me, in terms of printers. I have gone through FIVE, COUNT THEM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 printers at work this week. It started out with my original printer, which had a run-in with some sort of odd, unrecognizable sticky substance on the back of a check. I didn’t realize it was there before I stuck it in the printer to validate it, and it left it’s funky residue all over the rollers inside my printer. I am completely unprepared for printer repair, so I called tech support and requested a new one. That was Monday afternoon.

My new printer came on Wednesday. By “new” I mean “new to me”. Apparently, IT is no longer in the business of getting new printers, and now they just refurbish the ones we send them. Well, the one I got Wednesday was even more fucked up than the original. The lid wouldn’t close and it wouldn’t feed any paper. Quite frustrating. So now I’ve got 2 printers that don’t. Another call to IT, I explain the situation, they send me 2 more.

Those came today. And do you know what? THEY DON’T FUCKING WORK. The lid on one is completely busted, it won’t feed paper, it won’t close, I can’t get the ink cartridge in because of the lid, blah blah blah blah blah. The second one?

It’s the original one I sent with the funk all over the rollers. They didn’t even attempt to fix it! They just sent it right back! INFURIATING, I tell you!

The reason I’m bitching about this incident is because it makes me realize that, generally speaking, nobody gives a shit anymore. Generally speaking, people do things half-assed, the bare minimum to get by. They don’t take responsibility for themselves or their own actions. I mean, really…you send me back a printer that I just sent you 2 days ago, and clearly nobody worked on the damned thing.

I get so frustrated with half-assed-ness. It seems to me that if people would put even HALF of the effort into doing something properly that they do in avoiding doing the job in the first place, the world could be a better place. But I guess it’s easier to just do the bare minimum call it a day. I guess it’s easier to assume someone else will do the work. I wasn’t raised that way, so that’s not how I operate. When you give me a job to do, I am going to do it, and do it well. I’m going to possibly even try to find a way to do it better, and more efficiently.

What I don’t understand about this culture of half-assed-ness is that I wasn’t raised that way. My friends weren’t raised that way. So why are we raising our kids that way? What happened to teaching people that if you’re going to do a job, you should give it 100% or not bother doing it at all? And why aren’t we sticking with the things we were taught as kids?

Because it’s too hard? We’re too lazy? We’re being HALF-ASSED?


One response to “Printer madness!

  1. Ugh! That is insane.
    And the thing that happens in this sort of situation is it demotivates those of us who are working our asses off. Sadly.

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