Nothing in particular…

…is going on in my world.

I haven’t posted much because there really hasn’t been that much to say. It’s been hot, but we had storms last night, so today it’s actually pretty nice out. I didn’t burst into flames when I went outside after work, so that’s a bonus. We could use more rain, they say there’s more coming overnight again tonight.

The only thing of note that happened was we got our invitation to my dad’s wedding. It’s September 10, at his house. Shorts & flip flops are encouraged, as they are doing a beach theme. They originally intended to get married in Cairo, Egypt, but then the Middle East lost it’s collective fucking mind, so that plan was out. Then they said “Hey, we’ll go to Florida! Paul (my future step-uncle?) can marry us on the beach in PCB !” but for some reason that also didn’t pan out. I don’t know what happened, but whatever. I think Dad & Marlene realized that none of us kids could afford to make the trip, whether to due to finances or work/school schedules, so they decided to stay home so we could all be there. Figure 6 kids, all with spouses/SOs/kids of their own…it was going to be insane.

My cat, Sissybug, was super stoked about the wedding invitation. It was her favorite kind of paper stock, and it had glittery sand on it, as well as a small sand dollar tied to the top with a pretty ribbon. She commenced eating it about 5 minutes after I put it on the dining room table. Jimmy had to take it away from her twice, and finally he put a bunch of books and stuff on top of it, heavy books that she couldn’t knock on the floor.

I was also stoked about the invitation, although I can never admit this to mom. She still has so much animosity from the divorce, which was 12 years ago. That is an entirely different post for a different day. I promise, I will write about it. Just not today.  Anyway, I’m excited that Dad & Marlene are finally getting married. It’s been 12 years that they’ve been together, and I’m happy for them, finally taking the plunge. It’s a 3rd marriage for her, 2nd for my dad. I get along well with Marlene and her family, I get along well with my 3 soon-to-be-stepbrothers. I’ve known them for over 25 years, as I went to grade school with two of them. We have good relationships, and I’m happy about that. I know that blending families isn’t always easy. In fact, blending this family wasn’t easy. My youngest brother and his wife do not get along well with Marlene, but they do get along with Tommy, Lance, and Chase, so it works out. There was a lot of animosity for the first 5 years of Dad & Marlene’s relationship. It took a long time for all of us to eventually raise our white flags and realize that nobody was going anywhere and we’re all stuck with one another.

If it weren’t for Dad & Marlene getting together, I wouldn’t have four of my awesome nephews. I wouldn’t have three more brothers in my life who have my back. So it works out.



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