Whew, it has been one very long week here in B-Ville. My work crisis is averted, which is excellent, and now I can breathe again.

Jimbo’s mom, Vicki, and stepdad, George, have been in town all week. They live in SW Florida, and they take an 8 week driving trip every year in August, during the most active part of hurricane season. They always come visit us here in St Louis, they go to Texas and Oklahoma to see some of George’s family, then head to New Mexico and Arizona. After that, they head to Napa for 10 days. Then they go back to FL. This year, they also spent 10 days in New England. Boston and Cape Cod, I think. I wish I had their life. Someday, friends. Someday.

Mainly, we have been doing a lot of eating, and the things we’re eating aren’t very good for us. I have to figure out how to add pictures to these posts…

Monday, we went to one of our favorite places, Gulf Shores Grill. It’s a Cajun place that we love. The owner, Harry, came up here from NOLA after Hurricane Katrina wiped him out. He opened up a restaurant here with authentic Cajun food, N’awlins Thursdays where you can get crawfish and $3 Pat O’Brien’s Hurricanes.

Anyway, that was a big meal with lots of  deliciousness. I had barbecued shrimp with dirty rice, nom nom nom. Jimbo had a combo thing with clams, shrimp, scallops, a crab cake, cod, hush puppies, fries, and slaw. So yummy!! The coconut shrimp appetizer was spot on, too. Perfectly crunchy, and they come with a mango sauce for dipping.

Tuesday, they went to lunch at Hot Shots while I was at work. I am not angry that I missed out on that one. Everything on their menu is deep fried and awful. I mean, they have a burger that uses 2 grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. And another one with fried cheese sticks on it. And yet another one with a fried egg. It’s insane, and would have made my tummy hurt. We had chili for dinner, which was super tasty.

Wednesday, once again I didn’t get to go to lunch, and this time I am jealous. The gang went to Blueberry Hill, which is just a really cool place. It’s in the University City “Loop”, and is a rock & roll lover’s dream. They have such cool memorabilia, and Chuck Berry regularly plays concerts there. Sometimes, he’s just there hanging out, getting drunk and stupid, lol. Chuck is the man. And also, they have a killer Reuben sammich.

Thursday, I only worked a half-day, because I had to work this morning. We had fruit for lunch, because we knew we were going to have a big dinner. We went to Shogun with Vicki’s cousin Gloria. They grew up together in Hawaii, but they are from the Philippines originally. We only see Glory once a year, when Vicki & George are here.

Shogun was really fun. I love having them cook my meal in front of me, it’s cool. There was a table across from us that seated after we did, so they were watching our chef as he was doing his thing. The first time he made flames, one of the kids at the other table said “Whoa, he set their food on FIRE!!” I had chicken & shrimp, Jimmy had steak & scallops. I took video of almost the entire little show there, but again, I don’t know how to add photos or video yet.

That was a subtle hint for one of you nerds to tell me how to do it, lol.

Last night, we were on our own again, Jimmy had the last of the chili with some pasta, and I had double fudge brownie ice cream and 2 chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream filling. You can judge me, I would.

Tonight we went to Jimmy’s dad & stepmom’s house. We were celebrating his dad’s birthday. Big Jim is 64 this year. Becky, his stepmom, made 2 different kinds of meatloaf, and his stepsister Sarah made her recipe. That’s right, 3 different kinds of meatloaf. We also had 3 cheese mac & cheese, mashed potatoes & gravy, and salad. And delicious rolls. That was 6 hours ago, and I am still full.

Tomorrow is one last visit with Vicki & George, they are leaving very early Monday morning, headed for Branson for a couple of days. Of course, we will be eating. Oof. I’m not sure where we’re going…everyone is coming from opposite directions, at least 15 miles away. I’m kind of hoping for Emperor’s Palace…so bad but so delicious. One of those mega-buffets with like 8 different stations of food.  And a chocolate fountain.

And then the only thing I will eat for the next 10 days is Fiber One shredded wheat. I’m afraid.



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