Happy Highlights

So, the Pioneer Woman tweeted a suggestion for a blog post, that suggestion being to write about the good things that happened this past week. Seeing as how I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, I decided to take up the challenge of posting on the positives.

You’ll have to excuse any typos, as I am posting from my phone. And there is a sick cat drooling on my arm. And I’m in bed.

The past week wasn’t really all that great until Friday evening. So really, I’m posting about a good weekend.

Late Friday afternoon, I received an email from HR, telling me that I had been chosen to win a Kindle + case! AWESOMEZ! I was entered into a drawing because I donated a certain amount of money to the United Way. Never expected to win.

Then, on Saturday, I had another little windfall. I was able to purchase $11 (face value) in old silver dollars and half-dollars. I took them to a coin dealer, where I sold them for their silver content. My small investment netted me a profit of $235! I got $246.66! This came especially in handy because my electric is scheduled to be disconnected on Thursday if I don’t have $400 to them. I was freaking out, because Jimmy’s unemployment check is only $278, and I don’t get paid until Monday. Plus I have to pay rent out of Monday’s check. So I took the money from the silver and paid it towards my light bill.

Now I can stop flipping out about that.

Another good thing that happened was last week, but I can definitely count it here. I won a pair of earrings from Slappy in the Face. If you haven’t heard of Slappy, I highly recommend you check her out at http://www.slappyintheface.com

It is snark at it’s finest, and you won’t be disappointed. Plus, she has a really amazing story to tell that everyone could learn from.

Anyhoo, Slappy did a giveaway in conjunction with Peanut Gallery Jewelry on Etsy. The prize was a gorgeous pair of handmade sterling silver earrings. The original winner never came forward, so a new winner was chosen, and voila! It was me! This is the second time I’ve won a Slappy giveaway, too! I was wearing the kick ass shirt that I won when I had the burned boob incident, as a matter of fact.

So, that is my happy highlights post. I’m going to do this every week, in an effort to not take things for granted so much.


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