Random catching up…

…because it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted here. I’ve been feeling meh lately, and figure nobody really wants to listen to a bunch of whining all the time.

Mainly, we’ve just been hanging out, trying to keep our heads above water. We’ve been spending a bit more time socializing, instead of just sitting in the apartment all the time. Last weekend, on Saturday, we had dinner with our friends Bob & Terri. Terri & Jimmy went to high school together, and recently reconnected via the fantastic world of Facebook. She & her husband are really fun people, and it was nice to spend the evening with them. We just hung out on their back porch, played with the dogs, and ate a ton of delicious food. Bob is a tattooist, and he’s going to work on a design for a cover-up that I need. Awesome!

Sunday was another busy day for me. My nephew Aedan turned 5 on Friday last week, and had his big birthday party on Sunday. The main attraction of the party was “Serengeti Steve” and his “reptile & arachnid experience”.  We got to interact with an American alligator, a blue tongued skink, an albino snake of some sort (just a little guy), and…the best part (IMO)…a tame female ANACONDA!!! It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, having that huge snake draped around my shoulders, slithering on my head. Apparently, female anacondas are rare (1 in 10 born is female), and it’s also extremely rare for one to be friendly and tame. WICKED FUN!!! The next most awesome part was getting to hold the alligator. She was little, only about 3 feet long, but it was still great to hold her.

Of course, being around all of those little kids and their germs, I managed to pick up some sort of bug. Stupid compromised immune system. I spent most of Tuesday morning barfing my brains out, and then slept the entire afternoon. Went to work that morning, but my boss sent me home.

Umm…what else…oh, Bob & Terri’s oldest dog, a Basset Hound named Mary Jane, died on Halloween. She was born on 4/20 (LOL) and died on Samhain…and had a fantastic run in between. She would have been 13 on her next birthday, and she was a super cool dog.

That’s about it, so I suppose I’ll mosey along my way now. Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend!


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