They’re all growing up on me…

…all the babies, that is. Two weeks ago, my oldest biological nephew, Aedan, turned 5. 5!!! What the hell? I remember when he was born, man, umbilical cord all wrapped around his neck, blue, scaring the shit out of everyone right off the bat. Of course, that was a memorable day in general. Aedan was born on the same night that Jimmy’s stepsister, Shelley, got married. We had been a little over an hour away, at Caroline Vineyard in Washington, MO. Almost home, late at night (almost 11pm), both of us feeling pretty good from the open bar, and my mom calls to tell me that Lindsey has gone into labor, but that everything is okay and I don’t need to come until morning.

Fast forward like 30 minutes, when my mom is calling to tell me that BAM! We have a baby! I was like “You said nothing was happening right now” and she went on to tell me that when they gave Lin the pitocin, Aedan’s heart rate and O2 levels bottomed out, Lin’s heart rate dropped, and they had to do an emergency c-section. There was a whole big brou-ha-ha between my mom & Lin’s mom (our moms have been really good friends for several years) because Sandy didn’t make it in time for the birth, and my mom was there, so there were some jealousy issues.  Silly, but emotions were running high that night.

Anyway, so Aedan is 5 now. He’s in Kindergarten, he’s got friends, he played soccer this fall. He never stops talking, and I love him to pieces. I just can’t believe he’s 5.

Tomorrow, my nephew John Jr is turning 3. 3! Again, I remember when he was born. I wasn’t there, as he was born in Virginia, but my mommy was able to be there. John Jr had to be a planned c-section, because my SIL Sara has a hard time with being pregnant.  John Sr is going to be 29 next Saturday, which means that baby brother…will be 30 next year. I don’t see how that’s possible, since I’m only 25…

And then, come March, the twins will be 2! They’re starting to talk a lot more now, Miles can say “John” now, which really pisses of Nathan, but what can you do.

It just all reminds me that time goes marching on, no matter how much we want it to slow down.  Life keeps moving forward. Babies grow up and turn into toddlers, and then kids, and then teenagers, and then adults. My oldest nephew, Blake, will be 12 in February. He is my stepbrother Tommy’s son, and I’m so proud of that kid. His mother was killed when he was 4, by a crazy asshole who couldn’t handle that she rejected him. That crazy asshole will never get out of jail for what he did, even though he deserves to have gotten the death penalty for his actions.

Anyway, Blake makes me so very proud, because he is such a strong, smart, sensitive young man. He does well in school, he’s a nice kid, he’s quiet, and he doesn’t get into trouble. Heaven knows he could be one big hot mess, but he’s not.

So yeah, birthdays for babies. We’re all getting older. Life keeps rolling along. And I’m thankful for having a good life.


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