That’s just terrific…

I just LOVE finding out that my husband’s unemployment benefits just dropped from $278 a week to $83. That’s really fucking fantastic. I don’t have balls, but if I did, I’d just go ahead and have the State of Missouri kick me right in them. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. That’s $800 a month *poof gone*

What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Go get myself a second job, looks like. Fuck.


One response to “That’s just terrific…

  1. holy crap! That Sucks.
    I am right now in love with my husbands employer.. has been home as in not working as in not making money for 10 of the last 16 days.. that is almost an entire paycheck.. I find myself wondering who will be paying the bills.. and who is going to tell my kids that there will be no christmas here this year.. I WISH I could go get a job..
    I hope you find something to get you guys through.. I will be gathering things around here to sell.. and crocheting like a mad woman from my stash to make some gifts for only my nearest and dearest family and friends..
    Black Sheep

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