Tryptophan Coma

Today was a good day. It was the first time in a LONG time that we were able to go spend Thanksgiving with family. Usually I have to work early on Black Friday, but this year I took a vacation day, and we made it a point to visit this year.

We had late lunch at my dads, two turkeys (each with a different stuffing), and all of the usual delicious side dishes. Pies, cookies, etc. After a few hours out there, we headed to my Aunt Judy’s. My Uncle Tom & his partner, Dan, are in town for the holidays, and I hadn’t seen either of them in almost 4 years. My grandma’s funeral was the last time I had the chance to see them.

I had more fun tonight with Aunt Judy & Uncle Ted, Uncle James, Uncle Tom & Dan, and my mom & my husband. I laughed until I cried, I learned a lot about my family, we had good bonding experiences, and I heard my Aunt Judy say the word “fuck”, lol.

I hope that you and yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving (assuming you’re an American, or in America) and that you thoroughly enjoyed your day!


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