My Inner Tree Hugger is Sad

Oh, my inner tree hugger is sad on an epic level. When I left for work this morning, I noticed that there were 2 parking spaces (good ones, too) that had signs in front of them saying that the cars would need to be moved from those spaces by 8am tomorrow morning. I was curious, but not so curious as to call the leasing office and ask what was up.

I think I figured it out tonight. As I was walking in the courtyard towards my apartment, I noticed that all four trees in our courtyard have blaze orange tape wrapped around their trunks. Marked for removal. And that makes me so sad. Part of the appeal of this apartment is having those trees there. They are old, tall, beautiful oak trees. They provide a lot of shade in the summer time, and they attract a lot of critters, which my cats enjoy watching during the day. In the winter, they get a coating of snow on them, and they’re just so pretty. We have songbirds that hang out in them.

My husband reminded me that when we first moved into this apartment, he was told by the head of maintenance that they had plans to re-do the courtyard area, remove the old railroad-tie retaining walls and replace them with stone.

**sigh** I’m really going to miss those trees.


2 responses to “My Inner Tree Hugger is Sad

  1. That is sooooo sad. A few years back when we had the major ice storms, I lost 6 out of my 10 BIG trees in my back yard from the ice. I was so sad about it. Now I have an empty, ugly back yard. 😦 For me there’s a least a silver lining because I have a blank slate to design a new landscape. I wish you had a big silver lining.

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